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I’m an illustrator and educator- specializing in

children and young adult media and comics.

I am an illustrator, teacher, and an identical twin!  My work is influenced by my own childhood experiences growing up as a twin with two older sisters, as well as observations of my own daughter’s childhood. I am currently working on developing a graphic novel called Seam about twins with telepathy.  Most of my professional work has been for print- LEGO Comics, book and magazine illustrations, as well as layout and logo design.  I have been illustrating comics and vector illustrations for LEGO since 2011.  My comics appear in LEGO’s magazine both nationally and internationally- as well as on their app, LEGO Life.

I come from a background in art education, having earned my bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Westfield State University in 2004 and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Art from Wesleyan University in 2010. Most recently, I earned my Master of Fine Arts in Illustration from Hartford Art School in 2020.  I have been working as a freelance illustrator and designer as well as teaching art at RHAM High School since 2005.


I work primarily in watercolor or digitally (vector and bitmap).  My iPad and Procreate have been my go-to for digital drawing and painting.  I also work in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  Recently, I have been interested in cut-paper illustration and fabric arts. I am heavily influenced by animation and the newspaper comics of my childhood.  I do a lot of personal work, mostly about my own life and experiences, that I show in gallery shows with other illustrators and artists.  I also have a small business where I screen print t-shirts for clients for events.

Please feel free to contact me!

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